Dayaraja: MBSR, Yoga und Meditation in Berlin

Individual Yoga Tuition

Yoga training according to you personal needs

Savasana (wrtl.:die Totenstellung), eine willkommene Entspannungsübung
Savasana (wrtl.:die Totenstellung), eine
willkommene Entspannungsübung

By now, Hatha Yoga is well established as an effectve system of practice. Ever more people have taken it up and are benefiting from its effects that con soon be experienced. Yet some people do find it difficult to make their way to a Yoga-school or a health centre. There are so many possible reasons for this: Some prefer not to be seen as a beginner; or they may have concerns about their body shape; or they want to not have to compete with the 'experts', ect. Or it may simply be lack of time or an impossibility to regularly attend a class.

Individual tuition may thus be the right way forward for you. Matched to your personal needs — both in terms of venue, time, frequeny — we will together develop a program that is aimed to encourage you to continue practising on your own, even when you are away from home.
Each session will usually last 90 minutes, but occasionally a shorter session of between 45 and 60 minutes can likewise be useful.

Please contact me and we will find out how to best do it.

Venues at various places in Berlin-Mitte and according to arrangement.

Your costs will vary according to circumstances. In 2010, I assume a basic fee of 59,- €/ 75 Min. (Blütenhof, Buddhistisches Tor) and 120,- €/ 60 Min. (At your workplace incl. travel within Berlin).

A Training CD will be provided.