Dayaraja: MBSR, Yoga und Meditation in Berlin

Relapse Prevention from Depression (MBCT)

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) employs the core elements of the MBSR training program and approches and techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy. Generally a training in MBCT encompasses eight sessions.
Bodyscan, mindfulness of breathing, soft stretches taken from Yoga and the training of being mindful in daily life are the main formal practices we use in this context. On top of that in-depth information on depression will be communicated as well as exercises from the cognitvie behavioral therapy.

cost: 60,- €/ 60 min. (80,-€ / 90 min)


Questions of life aprroached from a mindful, buddhist-oriented perspective

Some of the big issues in life cannot be solved in a quick and easy manner; but problems an ddifficulties can be oberved and looked at from a differnt perspective that allows to develop a broader understanding, a bigger picture of oneself and can clarify the context one is moving in.

Individual appointments in save environment.

Each sessions costs 60,-€/ 60 Min. (80,- €/ 90 Min.)

Buddhist Psychotherapy

A short term therapy covering 8 - 10 appointments

Buddhist Psychotherapy (BPT), developed by Dr. Matthias Ennenbach, offers an efficient and supportive method to professionally treat people and to provide counsel for many psychological difficulties and ailments.
This approach applies teachings and practices derived from the Buddhist tradition, from applied neuro-science and from modern methods of psychtherapy.

The non-religious buddhist content provides the conceptional framework, guidelines and overall concept.
Specific practices from the buddhist tradition and from the psychotherapeutic field will be integrated.
The therapeutical methods from western psychology are comprehensive and not limited to one particular approach.

Content and practice can be analysed and designed to your specific needs and purpose. The one-on-one sessions will provide a safe and supportive context.

costs: 60,- €/60 min. (80,- € /90 min.)

Yoga Therapy

muscles, connective tissue and breathing pattern

It is well known these days that Hatha Yoga has a beneficial effect on the organism, on one's wellbeing and on teh psycho-emotional plane.
But what does really happen in Asana or pranayama practice from a (neuro-)physiological or bio-mechanical perspective?
Yoga can be applied to work preventative but can also be supportive in the healing or accomodating of diverse ailments.
In the one on one sessions we look at possible connections within the functioning of the body. We look at the 'faszial chains' in the body, unsusual appearances on the skin of the back and also we look at the ability to breathe freely and fully.

Apart from specific yoga and breathing exercises there will be some application of simple massage techniques.

cost: 60,-€ /60 min. (80,- € /90 min.)
The first session should take 90 minutes the follow-ups according to agreement.